Best Month to Buy a House?

Best Month to Buy a House?

According to Trulia, the hottest months for “Online House Hunting” in Colorado are March and April.

They crunched the numbers for their own site traffic from January 2007 – December 2012 and came up with a pretty nice article: When is Your Market’s Peak House Hunting Season?

I would add this:  according to the 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers (NAR):

The length of the search process has remained unchanged in recent years. The typical home search has been 12 weeks since 2009.

Now do the math: 12 weeks of shopping starting in March-April means buyers are writing the most contracts in May and June.

How to use this information.

Sellers:  List in March or April to get the most looks online with less competition from other sellers.

Buyers:  Avoid competition from other buyers by making a decision in March or April.

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