Streets as Places

Streets as Places

All around the US, communities are increasingly becoming concerned about the consequences of designing streets that function exclusively for the efficiency of automobile movement versus those that serve broader economic and social needs of communities.

In its broadest application, Placemaking is a catalyst for building healthy, sustainable and economically viable cities of the future.

The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) was founded in 1975 to expand on the work of William (Holly) Whyte, the author of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. Since then, they have completed projects in over 2500 communities in 40 countries and all 50 US states. Partnering with public and private organizations, federal, state and municipal agencies, business improvement districts, neighborhood associations and other civic groups, we improve communities by fostering successful public spaces.

These ideas and practices are useful in informing our local discussions with traffic and public works agencies regarding infrastructure (street improvements, etc.).

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