Choosing your Broker – 10 things to know

Choosing your Broker – 10 things to know

Find a Realtor®:   Questions when choosing an agent

Buying a home can be a great time. Selling your home can be equally fun, however sometimes it turns into a very stressful event. Many people do not know where to begin when buying or selling a home. This is why it is essential for buyers and sellers to have good representation. Here are 10 tips to help you find a great Realtor:

  1. Find an agent you trust. Just because someone is a big producer does not mean that they represent their clients well. Perhaps they just run a good real estate business.
  2. Find a knowledgeable Realtor that knows the market and the process. Some agents are more charisma than substance. Try to find an agent that give honest advice, even it it is not what you want to hear.
  3. A Realtor should know his or her way around the area. As a buyer you want to know that your agent can get you to each house on your list without getting lost. An agent that pulls over to look at a map does not instill confidence in a buyer.
  4. The biggest producers are not always the best. If you want extra attention pick an agent that can does not have a boat load of listings.
  5. Choose a Realtor that works full time. There are some agents who work part time and buying or selling real estate requires the work of someone who can be there for you anytime.
  6. Avoid pushy agents that push you to buy a house that you’re not sure of or that pushes you to list your home with him or her. Big decisions require time, avoid pushy agents.
  7. Find an agent that is up to date on technology. Most MLS systems are on the internet now. If you have an agent that is not great with the computer then maybe they are missing some opportunities.
  8. Ask if your Realtor has a strong network of professionals to call on. This could range from assistants, other agents, inspectors, attorneys or lenders. Good help might get you out of a possible jam.
  9. Find a Realtor who enjoys what he or she does and is happy and excited to work with you.
  10. Have someone refer you a good agent. You most likely know someone who can refer a good Realtor.

An experienced, competent and happy real estate agent can make your transaction much smoother. Use these 10 tips to find yourself good representation.

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