2017-18 crime stats for Winston Downs

Winston Downs is included in the Washington, Virginia-Vale statistical neighborhood, which encompasses a wider area than just our neighborhood.

This is a crime statistics map for Washington, Virginia-Vale  (Winston Downs is outlined in orange).  Click on the map to enlarge it:

crime, Winston Downs

Crime statistics for Washington-Virginia Vale (includes Winston Downs)


Click here for the crime stats in table format.

Crime stats for this neighborhood can also be accessed this way:

  • The Denver Police Department page at www.denvergov.org has a “Crime Information” tab where you can find monthly crime data sorted by Statistical Neighborhoods.  Note that Winston Downs is one of several subdivisions within the “Washington Virginia Vale” statistical neighborhood.
  • There is also an interactive map which can be sorted by date and neighborhood, plotting the crime locations on a map.


  1. Laurie Jensen

    Hi David, I have been looking into moving into Winston Downs after having lived montclsir for 13 years. While driving through the neighborhood I noticed a lot of homes with bars on the windows. What’s up with that? Do people worry about crime that much?

    • Hi Laurie, thanks for the comment — good question.
      In my experience, bars are usually installed by homeowners AFTER they (or a neighbor) had a burglary. Putting up bars is sort of a relic from years past. Today, you’d more likely see the installation of a monitored security system as a reaction to crime. Our neighborhood still has a fair number of original owners, and others who have been here a long time — that may be what you’re seeing.

      Coincidentally, we also lived in Montclair before moving to Winston Downs. I parked car in the driveway (we only had a one-car garage) and it was broken into a couple of times while and stolen once! Most of my immediate neighbors (in Montclair) had been burglarized at one time or another – but we never were. Seems about the same here: most of the crime is vehicle-related, and recently we’re noticing an uptick in burglary, as are most other urban neighborhoods. That being said, there is much better communication between neighbors and neighborhoods, more awareness and better access to information. I posted that crime data after reading a thread on the “Nextdoor” neighborhood info exchange for Washington/Virginia Vale.

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