How to find Buyers for your Home

How to find Buyers for your Home

Casting a Wide Net

While it’s true that “It only takes one . . . ” (a hopeful Seller’s motto, but let’s face it you can only sell to one buyer), you’re better off having broad appeal and broad exposure. 

Website providers and brokers may try to convince you that they have some unique “marketing magic”, but buyers really want complete and accurate information that they can quickly compare with all the other listings out there. Here’s where the action is:

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Almost everybody is using the internet in one way or another.  Buyers browse the net before and during their relationship with a broker.  The majority of buyers 1) see the home on the internet, 2) call their broker, then 3) buy the house.

The next largest group sees the home first with their broker.  How did the broker find it?  Right, the internet (actually MLS, which is a databahase accessed by brokers via internet).

Takeaway:  make sure the home is easy to find on the web.  Have the right information available.

What do Buyers want to see on the Web?

Now that you know where the buyers and brokers are, it’s important to give them what they want.  Here is what Buyers value most on the web:

Denver homebuyers, Winston Downs buyers, Winston Downs brokerAs you can see, you need photos and detailed information (square footage, price, bedrooms, baths, taxes, HOA fees, descriptions, etc.)

Unless you want to “major in minors”, you don’t need a fancy video presentation, open house, magazine ad.  If you give buyers the basic information and plenty of pictures, they’ll drive by, call their broker, see the house and maybe buy it.

So what do you need a broker for?  Fair question.  If it’s that easy to get broad exposure (Zillow had 30 million visitors in May 2013), what DO you need the broker for?  Easy:  mitigation of risk.  Making a mistake (contract, inspection, appraisal, loan approval, closing) can get very expensive very fast.  But that’s a topic for another post.




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