​”Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and without your help I would have never done so well in high school . . . You helped me overcome and compensate for my learning disabilities; dyslexia and attention deficit disorder in a way that I never imagined possible. I often think about how lucky I was to find you at such a critical time in my young life where you allowed me to be reassured and made to feel confident in my reading and comprehension.



​”Our daughter reads constantly now and we actually have to take the book away at times so she can get other things accomplished. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!”



“I just wanted to share a comment that my son made to me today as we were walking out of the building. I asked him how the session went. He told me, “I LOVE going to tutoring.” I can already see great progress in his reading and writing. Holly did such a great job matching you and my son.”



“The staff at Holly Graves made a huge impact on our son’s well being. Through his tutoring sessions, they were able to spot his learning disorder, direct us to an outstanding resource for help, support our son’s academic needs through a tutoring plan and help to build his self esteem through academic successes. The impact of HGA’s staff has been tremendous: academic turnaround and growth coupled with confidence. We are very grateful to the staff at HGA for their skilled and caring efforts. Our son loved coming to HGA and we are happy to recommend the staff and services at Holly Graves and Associates.”



“Thanks so much for all of your wonderful instruction and support of both [our children]. We are so pleased with their progress. It is really wonderful to see. “



“I just wanted to say thanks to you both. I am so pleased with our progress and so thankful that we found you. I feel like you just saved us 6 weeks with [our son’s] schooling, on top of everything else that you have given him. Thank you so much!!! “



“I have so much respect for you and the work you are doing with [our students]. I am very grateful for all of your efforts. “

Dr. DM


“Thank you sooo much!! . . . the change in [our son] since we’ve been seeing YOU has been immense. Please know that what you do makes a real difference in children’s lives…. building a great foundation for their future. Thank you.  “