Density at Buckley Annex Causes Alarm

Density at Buckley Annex Causes Alarm

Neighborhoods around the Buckley Annex Redevelopment project (including Winston Downs) have been increasingly vocal recently about the move toward higher density in the 70-Acre urban development.

After raising concerns about density, building heights, and traffic, citizens are looking at the actions of Neighborhood groups like West Highlands and Cherry Creek North which have filed lawsuits against Denver City Council over the approval of development plans.  Some feel that local government is being controlled by developers, and in the case of Buckley Annex, The Cherry Creek Chronicle claims that “Lowry residents were shocked to learn that Monty Force, Director of the Lowry Development Authority, negotiated a contract that awarded him a bonus if high density was approved . . . ”

Is City Council serious about it’s obligation to represent it’s constituency?  Are public officials giving lip-service to neighborhood concerns about the same values they envision for new urban communities (e.g., “live, work, play”, multi-modality, and people-oriented places)?

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