2017-18 crime stats for Winston Downs

Winston Downs is included in the Washington, Virginia-Vale statistical neighborhood, which encompasses a wider area than just our neighborhood.

This is a crime statistics map for Washington, Virginia-Vale  (Winston Downs is outlined in orange).  Click on the map to enlarge it:

crime, Winston Downs

Crime statistics for Washington-Virginia Vale (includes Winston Downs)


Click here for the crime stats in table format.

Crime stats for this neighborhood can also be accessed this way:

  • The Denver Police Department page at www.denvergov.org has a “Crime Information” tab where you can find monthly crime data sorted by Statistical Neighborhoods.  Note that Winston Downs is one of several subdivisions within the “Washington Virginia Vale” statistical neighborhood.
  • There is also an interactive map which can be sorted by date and neighborhood, plotting the crime locations on a map.
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